This in regards to GMS:

I have a PalmOS 4.1 based Kyocera 7135 phone.

If I initiate a sync by hand, it pretty well always works.

ReadySync (periodic sync based on time) usually works, though sometimes it crashes the phone and I have to reset it (sometimes gets some sort of invalid mem ptr error, other times just locks with the screen blank); but usually it works.

However, an SMS Push Sync almost never works. In a box titled "Service Connection Progress" (which comes from the phone OS, not from the intellisync client), it always says "Error: incorrect or busy phone number (0x1103)". Every now and then an SMS Push sync will work, maybe 1 out of 10 times. I've googled that error, and nothing useful comes up; the error implies what it says. The Intellisync log looks like this:

Sync Session
Connection type: Network
Device Name: Dave Johnson
Sync via: Sync (SMS Push)
Email Accelerator
Suspended Automatically

My theory is that the device's network connection is still open from receiving the SMS message. Intellisync is trying to initiate a dial-out too soon after receiving the SMS message (or perhaps the phone isn't closing the network connection fast enough... but that is clearly not fixable). The timing must be very close, which is why it does work 10% of the time.

Does anyone:

a) know any means by which Intellisync could be caused to delay it's connection attempt by a second or two after receiving an SMS Push?


b) have any other idea what could cause manual syncs and ReadySyncs to usually work, but SMS Push syncs almost always fail with that message?