Currently my primary device is a Verison/Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003
Second Edition
It works almost "flawlessly".

I am trying to setup a 2nd device. A Palm Tungsten E2 via the USB "cradle"
hotsync method.
Palm OS Garnet 5.4.7
Palm Desktop 4.14
HotSync 6.0.1
Windows 2000 SP4
Intellisync Mobile Suite

It will not sync the calendar or a address book.
Mail (syncMail) will sync...however it takes a very long time for the first
sync (I let it sync for over a hour). I canceled the sync and there is some

I have the "sync progress" window displayed on the PC. It's always blank
with no data in the
"IN" or "OUT" field.

I have uninstall and re-installed Palm Desktop 4.14, Intellisync Mobile
Suite (on the device) and removed the device from the Intellisync Mobile
Service account.

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance