in accordance to the Novell GMS documentation, there are 2 ways placing
the GMS solution into the network:
#1: GMS into private LAN
#2: GMS into private LAN, Secure Gateway into DMZ

Joseph Marton wrote on Fri, 18 Aug 2006:
"We put our GMS box in the DMZ, but since it's still protected by a
firewall I enabled ports 80, 443, and 3102 to it. I then enabled port
7191 on the firewall from the GMS in the DMZ to the POA in the internal

Regrettably, there where no further discussion about this suggestion in
the forum.
I would think, this is an interesting solution for solving the obviously
security risk in #1, by using only one box.
Are there any other opinions?
Why is this not suggested by Novell as a third possibility?

Second question:
I did'nt found any information about recommendations for the Secure
Gateway, for example: which OS to use?

Thanks in advance,