So I have a high-profile user that is in a situation where his iPaq (running
mobile 2003) now has all of his contacts on it (around 5000) and his
Groupwise has about 600 less than that. During one of the syncs those 600
were removed from his mailbox but not his PDA. I don't remember all of the
details. One of my co-workers has been working with this user. Now the GMS
doesn't recognize that there are un-synced contacts on the PDA unless you
edit a contact and make a change to it, then it will sync.

So I looked into the possibility of restoring contact from a backup post
office just as you would with emails, but it doesn't look like you can do
that with contacts. Is that correct?

And it doesn't look like you can tell the GMS to sync in just one direction
like you can with most other sync products. Is that correct? I'm certainly
not looking to make things worse, but I did go into the
http://localhost/diag link and look around. When you go into Email
Accelerator, All accounts, select a user, and Device Diagnostics, I notice
that there is a link for Groupwise and the user's device. If I go into the
user's device and scroll down to the User Folder: Contacts, does the full
sync actually force the iPaq to resync with Groupwise?

What would you recommend? He was using Intellisync previously. We could
load that and force a one-way sync and then go back to GMS. I think that
would work. I just want to minimize losing any more contacts. I can't
think of any way to backup his contacts before doing anything major like
this. I guess we can use the backup program that comes with the iPaq to
backup the entire device. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for your help,