Hi There

i am little uncertain about the GMS and where to go, we have tested several
phones with success and thats great! BUT what about new phones? What is
the procedure, how do we get support for new phones?

Do we go to Novell Support? or to Intellisync?

F.ex. we just got SonyEricsson P990, its not working with the current GMS
version(P910 is working perfectly).

I Was told intellisync has made a version 7 of their product, and it should
have support for alle these new devices... but what do we do with the
GMS? (I think groupwise is uing intellisync version 6.5 server?!)

So first of all i would like help to P990, but i would also like to know
how the future is gonna help the GMS product to keep rocking.

Regards, Mads