Our GMS is working like a charm except for one GW user.
In the past he had no problem syncing his iPaq via the GMS, but since a
week he's having some strange problems regarding his calendar view.
Appointments disappear and reappear in de GW7 SP1 windows client, there are
appointments in GW 7 SP1 WebAccess that are not showing in the Windows
client nor are they synced to the iPaq. On the GroupWise Mobile Suite Web
e-mail view shows different appointments than the GW windows client and/or
GW WebAccess.

The GMS log displays a lot of “unexpected failure detected:
NullPointerException” errors and “Folder is Locked. Please try again later”
messages. I found out that the users inbox had more than 6000 items so that
might explain the folder locked errors but after cleaning his inbox the
error keeps appearing.

I can't find any information on the net about the NullPointerException
error. So I hope anyone here can help me out.