Appreciate that Activesync is not the most stable of products but version
3.8 was working fine between my Tosh Tablet and iPAQ 6515. Installed
Intellisync Mobile Suite Version 6.5 yesterday and is working fine on the
iPAQ through GPRS but Activesync no longer works between the Tosh/iPAQ and
this is my route for updating software on the iPAQ.

I have read about a similar problem and that uninstalling Intellsync on the
laptop fixed it and given that my iPAQ works through GPRS I don't see the
need for any Intellisync client on the Tosh? I suppose its understandable
that two 'sync' products may have problems coexisting on the same device but
before uninstalling is there anything to try? I have tried EVERY suggestion
in relation to ActiveSync!!!

Anyone any thoughts on this?

BTW: Intellisync Mobile Suite really does seem to be an excellent product.
We get it through our SEA agreement so is an excellent deal. Have used it on
a Treo 650 and now the iPAQ very successfully!