I'm running version 7.0 of the GW Client on Windows XP SP2.

I downloaded and installed ActiveSync 4.2 from microsoft.

I connected my Pocket PC device (Samsung i700), running Windows CE version
3.0.12188 (which I believe is also known as Pocket PC 2002) to my PC.
ActiveSync starts and runs successfully.

I downloaded and installed GW PDA Connect version 7.01

When I try and sync, I can get PDA Connect to see my device, it asks where
I want to install the PDA connect software on the device, I choose the
default location, it copies a single CAB file to the device and then it
displays a meesage box stating that I should check the device to see if
additional installation steps are required. I look at my PDA and there is a
message stating "The File \Windows\AppMgr\Install\GroupWise PDA Connect.CAB
is not a valid Windows CE Setup File".

MS knowledgebase has an article pertaining to this error message

But the explanation in this article offers no real solution. I have looked
at the contents of the CAB file and see only four or five files, all of
which follow the 8.3 naming convention as noted in the article.

This leads me to believe that there is some incompatibility between version
of software somewhere. Other problems relating to this error message have
to do with trying to load SmartPhone software on a Pocket PC device. Could
there be a problem between WCELoad in this version of Windows CE and the
CAB file?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.