After OS/Firmware update, I got the symbian client for GMS finally
installed in my E70. But,

Syncing and stuff works, but sending email from the mobile seems to
contain a bug, or Im doing something wrong.

Sending email from the mobile results in mails that are without any

1. These mails without recipeint seems to go OK to the intellisync
portal. I can see it in the inbox when I myself am the recipient but
still the "to" field is empty.

2. these mails can NOT be seen in either sent or received in my

3. Tested towards other external adresses, nothing.

5. tested also with the internal gw names, both in the form of just
the user id (XXX) which doesnt work and with ( which
works, but still arrive with empty "to" fields.

Anyone with any guess as to what/were to check..?