Hello. I am implementing GMS with the Secure Gateway. I'm a little
confused about encrypting the web site login credentials. I have created
an SSL Certificate using the gwcsrgen utility and enabled SOAP to use SSL
against my POA. I can authenticate from my GMS via SOAP SSL. Then I go
to the GMS admin console and check the box to force SSL for Website

The problem is when I go to the web page using the Secure Gateway URL
https:/securegatewayserver.mydomain.com I get a certificate security
alert - The Security certificate was issued by a company not trusted and
it doesn't match the name of the site. The certificate it is referencing
is from Intellisync valid thru 2010. So I go into IIS Mgr and it doesn't
show the GMS site set up for port 443/SSL or having any certificate.

I know how to secure a normal website with an SSL certificate but I don't
want to mess with what Intellisync wants here. Should I go thru the
normal steps of putting an SSL certificate on this site? It's not clear
in the documentation - it just says "GroupWise Mobile Server always
encrypts user credentials as they are passed from client to server for
authentication, unless you disable the encryption capabilities."