Customer had originally enabled soap on their "Main" post office agent on
port 7191 and pointed GMS to that post office agent and everything was
working hunky dory. Wanted to enable it for other post office agents so
enabled soap on the other post offices and changed the ports to 7192,
7193, and 7194 (they have 3 additional post office agents). When they
restarted the post office agents, no one can connect to GMS (not even
on the "Main" post office agent. We get the following error when trying to
add an additional GroupWise authentication sources (even trying to re-add
the original "Main" post office agent): Unable to connect to the
GroupWise server:; [0x00002f8f] A security
error occurred. I am able to telnet to the soap port on each of the post
offices, so am uncertain as to what is the issue. Does anyone have any