Any hope that Novell will prove us right in choosing GMS ?

With this maybe not to polite expression Im thinking off course about
support and updates for GMS.

Looking at nokia's site ( when logged in) they do seem to release
updates and have allready released a bunch 7.xx files.
So far, the "success-stories" in here have mostly been workaround
and/or 3rd party firmware updates/software patches.

I for one have issues with my Nokia E70.
Symbian support works thanks to FW update and new symbian client, but
stil can't send any mail's except to myself, and this without any
recipient beeing in the mail.

I want Novell and GW in this case to succeed, but they do have to put
some effort into it. Otherwise it starts to looks as if it's the safer
bet going with someone else.

I mean,, NSM - > Astaro,
Astaro support/updates = Gr8 !
NSM support / updates ??....

GMS - Intellisync ?