We've recently installed the GroupWise Mobile Server for testing purposes.
I've discovered in the documentation relating to clients downloads that the
RIM BlackBerry 3.7, 4.0 and 4.02 are listed as available clients for
installing on the BlackBerry implying it will provide sync support between
GMS and the BlackBerry. The download options provide the following files
"SyncClient_RIM37.jad", "SyncClient_RIM40.jad" or "SyncClient_RIM402.jad"
When downloading these to the BlackBerry it appears to install and then the
BlackBerry indicates it's syncing with GroupWise but no, calendar, contact,
etc. items appear in the device or on the GroupWise account from the

Is there any support for BlackBerry devices in GMS as the download and help

This URL is from the help documentation for the Client platforms:
JtM7WXM$&lng=en&platformid=WinCEARM,Palm,PC,Pocket PC2003M2M,RIM37,RIM40,RIM4
02,Smartphone2003M2M,Smartphone2003Orange,Smartpho ne2003VZ,Symbian60,Symbian

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this issue.

Brian Shade
Western Michigan University