Ok, this is a really weird one...

I have an Audiovox PPC-6700 that runs Windows Mobile 5. I have a GMS server set up and everything has been working absolutely beautifully, until today.

I have a few tasks on my system that I marked as completed from the phone today. Since I did that, it re-syncs approximately once per minute.

I had these tasks in GroupWise prior to today and I didn't have the problem.

I assume that since a task doesn't have a time associated with it, the GMS client keeps seeing today as it being completed and continually syncs.

We had a couple of issues getting a Treo 650 device connected, but we're pretty sure that was due to a problem with the Treo, so we're going to wipe that one and start over sometime today, but in the meantime I can't verify that the same issue happens with a Palm device.

Has anyone seen any similar issues? I've had this thing running for the past hour and it's about eaten 1/3 of my battery.