I have seen people talking about problems and such, but I thought this might be a good discussion thread for people to bring up issues with GMS that don't appear to be bugs, but still require some fixing.

Here are my top issues: (Please bear in mind that I am working with a Windows Mobile 5 device and have not yet spent any real time with a Palm device, so these may be limited to PPC machines.)

1. Marking a task as completed causes the GMS client to continually re-sync the tasks to the GMS server (about once a minute). I believe this is caused by the fact that tasks do not have time stamps associated, only date stamps. When the GMS client looks for updated tasks, it sees the task as updated and resyncs. I assume it would stop doing this when the date changes to the following day. I will be testing that tonight.

2. When you receive a new appointment, accepting the appointment doesn't do any validation against your calendar. You can accept an appointment that overlaps another and you won't receive any notice about it. This is further exacerbated when accepting a recurring appointment, as it will accept all instances, but if you have a conflict down the road, you won't even know about it unless you look at your calendar.

Charlie Silverman
Sr. Systems Administrator
Globalstar, Inc.

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