I just setup a Nokia 9300 and it appears to be working fine except for
sending email to internet addresses. From the phone, I enter an address
like userID@domain.com and what happens is, the messages shows up in the
originating inbox as from me to me. If I login to Groupwise the TO field is
actually blank. If I try sending the same message from the webaccess like
interface of GMS it delivers fine to the outside address. Only when sending
from the phone is there a problem. If I use the addressbook to lookup an
internal address and send to that person it works fine from the phone also.
I'll try making an entry in the Frequesnt Contacts for the external address
so it will sync to the phone. If that works however, it would be a real
pain to tell someone they have to manualy add a contact to an address book
before they can send to them.

Any thoughts?


- Ralph