I have our GMS running on an HP G4 server with 2GB RAM. The OS is W2K3. GW backend is 7.0.1.

The problem is that the GMS server is constantly encountering errors like:

Unexpected failure detected: OutOfMemoryError
Unexpected failure detected: NullPointerException
Unexpected failure detected: ServerException

I look in Windows event viewer and one possibly related event (I say possibly, because the event never corresponds as to when the other errors are logged in the Intellisync logs) is:

Error: File /Default.asp Line 72 Index out of range. An array index is out of range.

The worst thing, is that these errors continue to happen until, finally, the website becomes un-responsive... PDA's get an error stating that the Admin Service is unavailable. The only thing I can do is restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service and then, suddenly, everything is flowing again.

This is extremely frustrating. I absolutely hate to have to continually check my PDA to see if the GMS service has stopped.

The logs for the GMS server are very limited and do not provide much of a trail to follow-up with. I have searched and searched the tids on Novell and other websites, but cannot find anything. I know that I'm not the only one experiencing this. I have seen it mention before on the ngwlist (with no responses).

As far as getting help on the Intellisync web site (a.k.a. nokia web site) - I do not see anywhere a person can search their knowledge base without paying for support.

I suspect that it has something to do with apache... but that is all I can do right now... is suspect.

Please, any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!...at the very least, can someone step forward and tell me that I am not the only one experiencing this problem, thus validating that I am not the sole subject of some Deity's twisted joke...