Hi, I have Blackberry Enterprise server for Groupwise installed.
On that same server I have GW client 6.5.5. On the server side I have GW
7SP1 installed on NW65SP5. Email are syncing, so are calendar items. If I
do a lookup in the address book on the Blackberry device, it does give me
results from the Groupwise global address book...

My problem is that I can not sync the personal address book of the user
to the Device and vice versa. I have tried deleting all entries in the
device address book and changing the address book I was syncing with, but
no dice. It has never synced with the Groupwise personal address book.

On BES I have set it to the users address book, I have made sure the
domain and user specify address book is to be synced, but still nothing.

Any ideas?