Just an FYI, I just read this in the description for one of the proposed
sessions for BrainShare 2007:

"The release of the next version of GMS will be Q2-2007. This release will
see changes and improvements in the software. I will outline these
differences. I will outline the PDA devices that this new release
supports. I will touch on the changes between the new code and the
existing code, log files, directory names and executables. I will
demonstrate the installation, configuration and troubleshooting involved
with this new version. I will include provisioning users, installing the
software on the PDA device, syncing data and troubleshooting. I will
outline the steps required to upgrade an existing installation. This
upgrade will discuss the pro's and con's of an upgrade vs a fresh install.
Takeaway: The attendee will go away knowing how to implement GMS in their
environment. They will have an understanding of the system requirements,
capacities and limitations."