Sorry this is long. I am frustrated and confused and this is riddled with
oodles of questions. I am trying to test out network push and at this
point, I am so dang confused. From what I understood from the
documentation/Novell's forums/cool solutions is that with network push, the
device initiates an ip connection to the GMS over port 3102 and then the GMS
talks to the device over 3102. (Is that correct and Is that a constant

In the device settings, I have disabled SMS push, and enabled network push.

When I create and send an item from the device - a sent item gets put
immediately in my GW sent items.

However, I am not receiving updates in my inbox unless I manually sync.

Am I not thinking correctly in how it is supposed to work with network push?
Is network push only from the device to the GMS. In order to receive
updates to my device, do I always have to use SMS, manual sync or readysync?

I am not using the Secure Gateway but The only testing info for 3102 is in
the Secure Gateway installation doc - and then it tells you to use a program
called SocketLife which you need to get from Intellisynch support - now, why
would they not include that with the installation files - go figure. Does
anybody have that program that could send it to me if small enough to send
via email?

I'm sure hoping someone here can clarify the network push and possibly the
other push setting scenarios/algorithms.

I'm not the firewall person nor really up on firewall rules, exceptions,
etc. Does anybody know exactly what I need to tell the firewall group (we
have a Pix firewall)? ie stateful, whatever info you have I would sure

BTW, the SMS push works really well - but I must test the network push at
least during our pilot.

Connie W