My C:\windows\temp\ directory is filling up with a bunch of 104k
JTDSxxxxxx.tmp (x=a sequential number) files on my GMS server. a couple
weeks ago I got an snmp trap alerting me that the server was out of space
on the C: volume. I found these files and deleted about 8 gigs worth. Now
there are 2 gigs in there again and I can't figure out what is generating
them. I have logging and statistics set to keep only 7 days of stuff so I
don't think that is the issue. Does anyone know where these files might be
coming from? The reason I am sure they are coming from GWMobile is because
the top line of each of the files looks like this:
$GWServer  acs1.tcweb <--name of my Groupwise server GWNoteSyncTime
@ã›Al GWInboxAllTouchSync GWCalSyncTime

But they are each about 104k worth of gibberish after that. I would
appreciate any ideas on how to curb the growth of these files.