Well, I've read the topics regarding finish collegues who had issues
with DST and mismatches between gwclient and the phone.

I havent had those problems.

Until last night ?
This morning back in the office, all my appointmens are doubled.

The REALLY strange issue is that ALL isn't the right word, in fact,
there are both "OK" appointment and double-hour appointments during
the same weeks. Looking 1 week back, this week and 1 week forward,
it's really messed up.

I havent updated or changed the phone in any way,
what I have done is to 1st install the ( as always ) broken GW
interrim update and then the fixed update. But,, that was some days
ago, not yesterday.

Everything looked OK when I went home yesterday, and now this morning,
this very strange occurence.

What I have done in fact yesterday, which is the only "change" I can
think of is to archieve a lot of old sent items.
When I look at the "double-bookings" 1 is appointment, the other comes
up as posted appointment.