At this moment I am researching GroupWise Mobile Server. I am trying to get
a LDAP connection working, but I cannot find out which values to use when
creating a LDAP connection. The values I mean are the following one:

User ObjectClass:
All Users Filter:
User Relative DN Attribute:
Group ObjectClass:
All Groups Filter:
Group Relative DN Attribute:
Group Membership Attribute:
(following fields not required)
User First Name Attribute:
User Last Name Attribute:
User Description Attribute:
Group Description Attribute:

The Administration Guide on page 81 says: "The examples provided for most
fields work well with eDirectory". Well they don't work for me.

When having the wrong fields defined, I get the following error:
"An error occured while fetching Active Directory/LDAP group membership:
E_ADS_UNKNOWN_OBJECT: An unknown ADSI object was requested, hr 80005004".

Can anyone give me the right fields for the LDAP connection?