I am unable to change a user's settings via the web link provided in the admin console. Steps to recreate are as follows:

- Under "Management" > "Users" double-click on the user you wish to manage.
- Click on the "Use Website as User..."
- A browser pops up with the User's Account Setup page. I can try changing things like the address books, click submit, go back to select more address books and notice my first submit did not take place.

If I look at the User Activity log, I see many of the below errors:

11/22/2006 08:35:26 AM - Account password for GroupWise not stored on server when expected it to be

Now, of course, if I just login to the account normally from the login page, I have full access to change things in Account Setup. So it appears that authentication is working as designed.

It would appear that, from the admin console (and, thus, in relation to what is stored in the Sybase DB) I am not able to authenticate on the fly to manage the user's folder/contact selections via a browser. Could there be a setting I am unaware of?