Well I goofed. I isntalled GW Mobile as a test, and didn't note the "DBA"
password. The owner of the company went nuts over it, and insisted that I
let the sales manager use it as well. They're both crazy about it, and now
we're ready to install it on another server. The problem is when I copied
the SyncDB.db file over, the new system will not connect to it. The error
message tells me:

Intellisync Mobile Suite was unable to connect to its database. Check the
General tab on the properties dialog for the correct DSN, Login, password
and also make sure the database software is running. You must restart the
console when the problem is correctedto connect to the database.

When I click on the Intellisync Mobile Suite heading in the console manager,
and select PROPERTIES, I get the following:

ODBC Data Source: IntellisyncSuite
Login: DBA
Password: **********

I'm sure that the password is the issue. I have no idea what I used as it
was a test server, and I really didn't expect to have to copy the data

The system is still operative on the old server. Is there some way on that
system to either discover the password, or export the data so it can be used
on the new server?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.