I have an issue with Verizon, a Treo 700w and ReadySync. The Treo will
often not initiate a connection when readysync starts. (We don't have
EVDO yet, so it has to initiate the dial-up connection.) It will often
work for several days, then stop initiating the connection. Every
ReadySync session from then on receives a "DNS lookup" error since there
is no internet connection present.

Manual initiation of sync has the same problem UNLESS you manually
initiate the internet connection first OR have it automatically started
by running internet explorer. It is curious that IE will automatically
initiate a connection but that the Intellisync client will not.

Sometimes, the problem can be resolved by resetting the device, but this
only lasts for a few days. I have even removed and reinstalled the
intellisync client, but that only provided a short-term fix.

Anybody have any ideas?

Brian O'Quinn
Network Administrator
Greenwood School District 50