I have a user that has a Treo 650. They brought it to me because it was
giving them an error that they were out of memory.

I looked at what was taking up all the memory. When I look at the info
on the palm, it said that Intellisync was 1.5 MB and Syncmail was over 5

I checked in Syncmail and it was set to only keep 7 days of mail on the
device. I went into the menu and told it to purge all deleted messages.
When I went back into the info menu I could see that I had over 1MB free
up from 400k. Intellisync still report as 1.5 MB and Syncmail reported
as over 5 MB still. I did a soft reset on the device and then also did
a sync. The syncmail then reported that it was under a MB in size but I
still only had just over a meg free.

Also when I go into the delete menu it shows Intellisync with a size of
over 11MB and syncmail with a size over 5MB.

Anybody else seeing this? I also deleted Quickword and Quicksheet which
freed up ~2MB because Docs to go was already on the device.