I am working on a test model to establish best practices and procedures on backing up and restoring the ASA DB in GMS. I pretty much have all I need for the backup portion of my document. Now I need to do the restore. Anyone have a set of procedures, that they have used to restore the DB that is created via the "dobackup.cmd"? There really is no documentation to speak of on this - at least, none that I'm aware of. I need the correct syntax and procedures to complete a successful restore. In my test environment, I have rebuilt a server, created the DB directory structure (c:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\DB) and then just dumped the backed-up DB and it's log into that directory before installing the GMS software. However, it just seems like bad practice - plus, I haven't been able to do a complete test of this procedure to find if this allows for a totally restored working GMS DB.

Any help is greatly appreciated.