I am having an issue with my SOAP connection and setting the SSL
settings. I have a certificate generated from my Novell E-directory
loaded on the POA and has been working fine with the http port and local
client port.

I have the GMS loaded and it works just fine using SOAP. I tried setting
the Post Office to SOAL with SSL and waited. I tested used
https://<serverip>:<soapport> and it does connect.

I then went to GMS and changed the authentication to use SSL and it did
accept my username/password when it prompts. I would assume this meant it
connected and authenticated.

The wierd part is when I went to web of GMS, it does not show any new
email or appointments. The mobile device syncs just fine with no errors
on the POA or in GMS Console. Yet, I see no new information.

I started playing around and finally found 1 area that gives me any error
message. When I go into the Web Console of GMS and go to Account - Setup
and select my Connection Name it says it can not verify or locate my

The only thing I can think of is a certificate issue is going on. Now, I
did use my E-Directory Certificate of which the Windows Server GMS resides
on does not know its authenticate. I get the standard certificate warning
when I try the https://<serverip>:<soapport> on the GMS server.

Do I need to import the Certificate Authority on the GMS server to clear
the warning before the SSL/SOAP will work? Or is there any issue?