About Symbian 9.1:

We are evaluating a mobile solution: Blackberry (with BES) vs Others (with
GW Mobile Server). We tested with several PDA and after taking the
decision, the selected terminal (Management decision) has been Nokia E61
(not tested yet).

Ive read that there is a problem (Novell document 3745710) but I dont
know if client version "S60V3" available from:
solves the problem or not.

I could manage to talk with Nokia support (difficult) and they told me that
Intellisync on Symbian 9.1 is going to be supported only on Domino and
Exchange platforms, what puts me in a really difficult position.
Please, Can anybody tell me if Ill get in troubles if I purchase that kind
of terminals ?

Thanks in advance,

Jose Lopez
Hispasat S.A.