We have decided to move GMS from test to production.

I've just installed the new server. The configuration is quite similar (W2K3
Standard), except for the host name that is different from the test.

I 've restored the database from the test server. Users and groups were ok
but I noticed that the server's name (displayed on the MMC) was the server's
test name.

I found that 2 tables on the database had entries with the old name, so I
made an SQL UPDATE request to match the new name.

This resolves the problem.

But,... when I tried to sync my account I get a lot of errors (unexpected
server error, etc...). I tried with another account and get the same errors.

Is there a "Best Practice" to move an old database on a new server which has
a different DNS name?

Of course, we changed the server parameter on the devices.

Thanks in advance.