O.K. This one really has me stumped!

In a nut shell, I am unable to create any new users that have the following criteria:
1. Their email server was just migrated from an old NW 6.0 to a new NW 6.5sp5 server. (each server that was upgraded exists in its own separate secondary domain)
2. The users were never part of GMS - meaning, they were never entered into GMS and then deleted. It is only affect NEW entries.

At first I thought it was perhaps an IP issue or SOAP protocol - but that would be too easy a fix! Nooo... I compared the new server with an existing server, and all appears fine. IN FACT, all current GMS users that were created before the upgrade are synchronizing just fine!.. so the SOAP connection appears to fully operational.

I use authentication via a GroupWise server (actually, the one in our Primary Domain). All Email Server migrations (all 12) are currently on hold until I figure this one out. Also, I am pressured by users wanting to receive their New Phone with Intellisync setup on it! Aye!

Any idea's?