We have several POs with identical groupwise userid's.
e.g. There is a user A in PO X and a user A in a different PO Y.
The two user A are bound exclusively to different domains and have different

The PO login forwarding feature obviously cannot work very well in such a

If i login to PO Z just as user A i may get forwarded to PO X or PO Y and
the depending on the sequence the login may succeed with the supplied
password or not. (I do not get forwarded to the next PO in case the password
does not match - which is an issue all by itself, BTW)

For the login to Webaccess the solution is easy. I just have to supply X.A
or Y.A as the username and the login is no longer ambiguous.

But i cannot figure out a way to login to the GMS mobile server web page and
supply the correct destination PO.

If the passwords for the two user A do not match, the login might succeed if
i get forwarded (by chance) to the matching PO. If i get forwarded to the
other PO, the login always fails.

If i match the password for both user A accounts. I can login for sure but i
get transferred either to the user A from PO X or PO Y.
I have no way to choose the other user A.

Is there a (enduser compatible) way of entering a fully qualified loginname
which allows the selection of the target PO for GMS?