Not sure if anyone has experienced this or not, but in some cases when you
create a recurring appointment on a device (at least one running PalmOS),
GMS may go into a loop and create these appointments over and over again.
For example, a user here tried to create a "no time" appointment for five
days and he wound up with hundreds of the same "all day" appointment
(that's how GW handles a no time appt) for each of the five days. There
currently is no TID on this, but it is a known bug.

To clean up the issue, on the user's device you need to temporarily
disable ReadySync and push, delete the user from GMS, clean up GroupWise
via the GW client (find becomes your friend here), go into the
Sync/SyncXpress Settings in the Intellisync client, go to Date Book, click
on settings, select "overwrite with server data" (this will blow away the
calendar on the device and bring everything back down from GW), then
perform a manual sync. At this point both GW & the device should be clean
allowing you to reenable ReadySync & push. You'll have to have the user
log back into WebPIM and reconfigure any customizations in there (i.e.
selecting which address books to sync).

In the meantime, Novell says this issue has been addressed in the service
pack for GMS that is due to be released sometime next month along with