I am having two problems with GroupWise Mobile Server and tasks.

1 --- When I sync all my uncompleted task's due dates are changed to
today. So even tasks that were overdue and showing in red are now
showing in green.

2 --- If a user's pda is reset (usually because they forgot to charge
it and the battery died) and I restore the PDA from an ActiveSync
backup, many, not all, tasks that have been completed in the past are
duplicated and shown as completed on the current date. Then I have to
go through and delete the duplicated tasks and sync again to remove
them from the PDA.

Any idea why this happens or how to fix this. Obviously my users like
to have the due date remain as it was initially set by them, not
continuously updated to the current date and the duplicating tasks are
a real pain. I cannot find anything on Novell support.

thank you for any suggestions.