Twice now we have a user get blank/empty emails with no subject or
sender in their inbox of their mobile device. The first time we saw the
email in GroupWise and the mobile device. I could not open, move,
delete, or do anything with the email. The Q simply showed it existed.
I wiped the device and re-installed the software. The second time this
happened I had to do the same thing, however, the email only showed up
on the phone and not in GroupWise. Also did not appear on the GMS
server. All other functionality seems to work. Has anyone else seen
this. I saw something on Verizon's website about it and to delete the
device online and then re-sync. However, that did not work for us.
The only fix was to wipe the device. Thanks in advance.

OES NW, GW 7SP1, all necessary communication ports open to gms server
in dmz. Normal communiciona works. 2 months between first instance and
last. Problem is both times happened to pres. of company.