As advised in the automatic reply, I try to post my message again...But
seems not much people is using BES!

Thx and sorry for the reposting.



We are trying to use a BB device with a BES server for GW.
We tried a few versions with a lot of bugs, and now we are using:
GW 7.01 SP1 interim 1 (server & client)
BES Server 4.1 with SP2 and SOAP option, on a W2K3 French server, but an
English version of the GW client.
All syncs are made wirelessly.

We are using 2 devices to make our tests, a 8700f and a 7130g.

The two major issues we have now are:

-Sync contacts works great every way, except if you try to modify a
contact in GW (online or caching/remote). It gets duplicated after a
sync in both GW and the BB, one contact with the old values, the other
one with the new values.

Modifying a contact (name or phone) o the BB doesn't make a duplicate.

-We can't get any reccuring appointment on the BB (simple meeting or
appointments works fine).
If it's created on the BB, it appears and stays in GW, but disappear
from the BB.
If created on GW, it stays on GW but never shows up on the BB.

Does anyone have a clue on how to resolve this?

This is strange because in each version I tried I had various bugs
(version 4.1 with SP1, then 4.1 with SP2 without SOAP and updating GW
from 7.0.1 to the interim release, then using the SOAP option) and I'm
wondering if a lot of people is using this!!

Thanks for any idea.


PS: GMS works fine, but upstairs they prefer the BB devices...No choice!