Using a Treo with mobility I cannot seem to get old deleted mail (deleted
from GW client) off the phone's inbox.

I do a sync or sync express and new mail is added to the phone but old
deleted messages are still in the inbox on the phone. I thought I found the
problem in the Mailbox Settings for Intellisync, I check "Overwrite with
Server Data" and then did a Sync but the old mail is still there.
Ironically after I do the Sync the option of "overwrite with server data" is
unchecked again. So I am not sure if this is the feature I am after and it
is just not "taking"?

Basically, I want to have the options configured so the phone is an exact
match of the GW client data, for the last 7 days (which I have checked).
Just cannot seem to get the two to completely match. The sent items looks
ok, it is just the inbox and deleted items on the phone dont match the GW
client (there are inbox items that should be in the deleted items folder on