I get this message whenever I apply a change to the Intellisync Mobile
Suite Properties: "The paths are not UNC network paths. The paths to
the disk areas should always be network paths unless this system will
always be run on this single system, such as for an evaluation. Would
you like to accept the current local paths?." I click Yes to continue
but would get the same message everytime I go back into the Properties
window. We are still within the 90 day evaluation but will more than
likely switch the same server over to production after that period.
The only paths I see in the Intellisync Mobile Suite properties are in
the Directories tab - Shared File System. Different locations for each
subsystem is selected and I have the following paths for each section:
Mobile Gateway Message Store
C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\commsvr\filestore
Email Accelerator Data
C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\PIM\SharedFileSystem
Client Deployment Packages
C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\ClientInstalls

Are these settings causing the message to pop up? Any ideas on what I
need to change/set to prevent the message?