We have a phone(treo) that was on carriers intelisync server. this
number has been switched to a blackberry running off out corporate BES
server. But the calendar/contact/etc are still on the carriers
intelisync server. I'm trying to get the info from the carriers server
into our GW server so let me know if you see and problems with this

Note: I can't touch the orginal treo phone.
1. Take a similar treo phone and sync with the carriers intelisync server.
- this should get the info on the phone
2. Setup the GMS account via the web page
- this will tell GMS the type of phone and I assume perpare the GW
account for usage on GMS
3. goto the GMS server page
- This is where I have questions:
1. The intelisync software is already on the phone (from carriers
setup) Do I need to download and reinstall the software for our
corporate GMS?
2. Can I just switch a couple settings in the intelisync client to
bypass this install step?

At this point I'm assuming the info on the phone is still there and will
sync with the GMS-->GW server. If all goes well the info from the phone
will be imported into the GW system and then back out to the blackberry.

Does this sound like it should work?