One of my user's asked me why every time his secretary receives a message from him via his PDA (TREO 700P), the new mail message arrives in her mail box, but her GW Notify app does not even acknowledge it.
So, I did some tests and came to find out that the "Notify Recipients" property is set to "No" on all email sent via the GMS server from any PDA - making it invisible to the GW Notify app. Of course, this setting is set to "Yes" by default system wide and any email sent via IMAP or POP receives a "Yes" value to this property when converted as a Sent item within the GroupWise accounts.
I'm guessing that there are some default message settings attached to the email during a conversion process and that SOAP will transfer the message to the sent items without referencing the GroupWise system default (or user default, as far as that goes) for customizable property settings.
If any one knows a way to do set these properties correctly, that would be greatly appreciated. Personally, I find the GW Notify pop-up annoying and I always turn it off - but I do appreciate the ability to look at the icon in the system tray to check if there are new messages...