Connie W wrote:

> Our Treo 700's have been a big pain in the neck with frequent lockups -
> when they work, though, with the GMS they are nice in ways the BB can't be
> - but the BB still has the TREO beat for most people's need

I have a Treo 680, and I have to tell you I am SOOOOOOOO happy with it. I
can't honestly say that I have noticed it EVER locking up. I've had it
since almost the day they came out too.

My take on the BB vs. Treo issue is that a BB is very "simple" - I'm not
saying that it's "intuitive", because for me it is so very opposite - but
probably because I've used Palm for so long. However, a BB is made to do
one thing really well. A Palm device (or even Windows mobile) is made to be
a multi-purpose device. So, if you need/want all of the available functions
of the multi-purpose device, you will never be happy with a BB. And if you
want "simplicity" where once you "learn" how to use it, you can pick up
almost any BB and know what you are doing, then a BB is heaven. My Treo
doesn't even use the standard "menu" - so even regular Palm users get
confused when they pick it up <g>. The two are very much "extremes" in my
mind. And on either side you seem to love them or hate them!

Danita Zanre
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