This is a little bit off-topic, but:

I have a Nokia E61, which basically does work. There are some issue with
sending email and syncing newly created contacts from the phone to GMS -
which hopefully will be fixed in the upcoming SP.

However, i would like to know how you actually make the network connection
to the GMS server if you are at home/ at the office.

1. I can use my mobile carrier (works, but not free)
2. I can use Wireless LAN (works, might be free)
3. I can use the USB cable (Nokia Network Bridge) (works, free)

but i cannot use
4. Bluetooth

What am i missing? or is this something Nokia does not want to happen?

Why can't i just use Bluetooth to make a connection to some PC/Laptop and
use this PCs/Laptops existing internet connection to connect to the GMS