I haven't been able to find good information on how to put the GMS
behind the firewall. I saw a few postings about being able to change
the port that it uses to communicate with the devices but not enough
information. Here are my questions...

1. We have a single Internet-visible IP address that we NAT everything
to. At this time we allow port 443 in to our GroupWise WebAccess box
and port 25 is allowed in for SMTP. If I want to allow the PDAs to get
to the GMS box, how can I do that? If I could change the GMS port(s) to
something else I could route that port to the proper server internally
and that would fix it. If I change the port(s) on the GMS box, how do
the devices know to use that port instead of 80/443? I don't want to
use the secure gateway option because we don't have a DMZ setup and I
don't want to create one at this time.

2. I know port 443 is meant to be SSL but if devices use port 80 is
that going completely unencrypted using GMS? Is everyone's login and
password and all content going clear-text over the Internet that way?

3. How do you change the ports? I'm sure just changing them in IIS
isn't good enough because there would have to be some kind of
information in the GMS setup to specify which port(s) are configured.