I installed BES for GW about a month ago, with no success because my
server didn't meet the processor requirement (it was a PIII) so I got a
new server, installed Windows, installed all the pre-requisites (GW 6.5
client, .net plus patches, java...), rebooted about twenty times, then
the BES setup ran, said it was successful, but when it's all done, the
services are running on the Windows server, my PO shows the trusted app
login about twice a minute, but in the BES configuration, it's not
finding my users. I've read the installation and administration guides
that came with the BES download, but I can't find what I'm doing wrong.
I've been on hold for about half an hour with Blackberry support, so
maybe they'll be able to give me better advice than buy more servers,
because this is exactly what I recall from a month ago. Any help or
advice would be greatly appreciated (other than buying a new server).