Hello, I'm running BES 4.0 SP6 on a Win2K SP4 server, with my GroupWise back
end being GW7SP1 IR1 on a NW51SP8 server, and the client running on the BES
is GW6.5SP6 update 4, and my workstation is WinXP PRO SP2 with the GW7SP1
IR1 client. All these items (BB, BES, NW server, my workstation) are set
for Eastern Time (-5hrs).

I've applied the DST patch to my Blackberry (7290), and my BES Win2K SP4
server, and adjusted the time zones in C1, and applied the DSTSHIFT on the
NW server, and my WinXP PRO workstation has the patch, and I restarted my NW
server, my WinXP PRO machine, and the BES.

When I create an appointment in GroupWise anywhere in the March 11th through
November 4th window, it shows up as 1 hour later on my Blackberry. And when
I create an appointment in that window on my Blackberry, it shows up an hour
earlier in my GroupWise. That's right, I'm not just talking in the 2
windows between the old and new DST dates, I'm talking for the whole
duration of DST under the new model.

Anyone else seeing something similar? I have tech support working on this
but was hoping somebody else has seen (and hopefully fixed) this problem.

As a test with tech support I changed my BB's date/time to Mar-11 1:59am and
we watched, and sure enough a minute later it showed 3am, so it seems like
it's updated correctly...??

Any insights appreciated.