We have GW 7 and I just installed GW Mobile Server and Secure Gateway. I
initially setup the system and had no problems with emails being pushed.
We use Motorola Qs with a network push. I currently have 4 users. 2
users quit receiving the network push suddenly. The only difference I
could see in those 2 users and the other 2 that were still receiving the
push was when I went to Admin Console, Intellisync Mobile Suite, Devices,
Sync Devices those 2 users not receiving email did not show an Active
status in the Network Push column. I could also tell by the Last Push
column not showing any current updates. I ended up deleting the devices,
going to the phone and performing a manual sync. The Intellisync then
told me the phone was not recognized and to sync again. One 1 phone the
status became active again at that point. On the other phone I delete
the device and the user and performed approx. 4 syncs before the status
showed Active. The log gave a Push Queued and Disconnected message for
the 2 inactive users when they were not receiving mail. Anyone else
experience this issue and/or have knowledge on what could possibly be
happening so that I can prevent it from happening in the future.


Lynette Holliday