From my understanding, the push function works by the server realizing a
new email is ready to push, sending an SMS to the mobile device, then the
mobile device connecting to the server to download whatever information is
new. If my understanding is incorrect, please correct me.

We are using Motorola Qs as our sync devices. SMS messages can be received
by the Qs. A sync connection completes successfully when manually
performed from the device and the correct information is downloaded.

I believe the problem I'm having lies within our server not sending the
SMS messages to the device. We use Verizon as our wireless service
provider and the SMS addresses are correct with "" included.
Also, in the Intellisync Mobile Suite Console > Devices > Sync Devices it
lists an updated time and date under Last Push. However, on each device,
the last connection made is the user initiated sync.

One more thing: Our server runs extremely slow even though it is a very
capable machine.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.