Heads up everyone!

GW client 6.5.7 (11/6/06)

I deployed the February MS Patches for my BES server Monday night.
Tuesday, three BES services did not start automatically:

Starting them manually restored the BES to total functionality.
After talking at length with RIM Tech Support we had to follow MS TID
to delay the starting of those services until after MSSQLSERVER service
starts by
creating a DependOnService value in the Registry for these BlackBerry


The patches deployed Monday were (note the MSSQL Server patches):

Deploying MS07-012 924667 (2K) Vulnerability in Microsoft MFC
Deploying MS 819249 You Receive an "Event ID 1311" Message Every 15 Minutes
in the Directory Services Event Log
Deploying MS07-008 928843 (2K) Vulnerability in HTML Help ActiveX Control
Deploying MS 815316 Atapi Driver Does Not Recognize the Hard Disk After You
Hot-Swap the Disk
Deploying MS07-009 927779 (2K) Vulnerability in Microsoft Data Access (MDAC)
Deploying MS03-031 815495 Cumulative Patch for Microsoft SQL Server 2000
(Rev 2)
Deploying MS07-011 926436 (2K) Vulnerability in Microsoft OLE Dialog
Deploying MS 822834 Spooler Failure Causes High CPU Usage Hotfix
Deploying MS 908506 A Network Printer Issue After Installing MS05-043
Deploying SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (MSDE)
Deploying MS 887563 (98, ME, NT, 2K, XP) .NET Framework 1.1 Post-Service
Pack 1 rollup package for System.dll
Deploying MS07-016 928090 (2K SP4) Cumulative Security Update for IE 6 SP1
Deploying MS 299656 Implement the NoLMHash Policy by Editing the Registry
Deploying MS02-035-Q263968: Run KillPwd.exe Command Utility
Deploying MS 887289 Update for canonicalization issues with ASP.NET
Deploying MS07-013 918118 (2K SP4) Vulnerability in Microsoft RichEdit
Deploying MS 815473 File Replication Service Does Not Log Errors on Sharing
Deploying MS 914387 (NT 2K) Daylight Savings Time 2007 Update Script (by
PatchLink) (Rev. 3)

RIM is going to attempt to recreate the problem to investigate this further.

Betsy Horn
Systems Administrator
Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C.