My GMS has recently stopped working for the third time. The first time,
it had run without issue for over a month, when it started becoming
unreliable. At first, the logs would start throwing out ServerException
errors, and mail would stop flowing. A restart of the GMS server would
resolve the issue, until one day, even that didn't work. A closer look
at the log files indicated "out of memory" errors. I was running 1GB of
RAM, but I added another GB (for 2GB total) anyway. Things were fine
for about a month.

All of a sudden, things started to not work again. This time, however,
I wasn't getting any errors in the logs like I had seen before. Per
Novell TID#3189097, I performed a reinstall of GMS, but the problem
continued. I then uninstalled / reinstalled GMS, and it started
working again.

Now, two weeks later, I'm again having problems. I want to get this
resolved once and for all. I'm sure there is something wrong with my
implementation, because it appears there are plenty of people who are
successfully running GMS.

My configuration is:
- GroupWise server running on Netware 6.5 - (dual Xeon 3Ghz w/ 4GB
- GMS running on Win2K (SP4) Server - (Pentium IV 3.2Ghz w/ 2GB RAM)
- Both servers on same IP subnet (no firewalls in between POA and GMS
- No Secure Gateway
- POA can access GMS server port 8191 (verified by using GWIP CONNECT
x.x.x.x 8191)
- GMS can access POA server port 7171 (verified by using TELNET x.x.x.x

There are no related errors in the USER ACTIVITY LOG or the SERVER
ACTIVITY LOG in the Intellisync Admin Console.

The Intellisync Mobile Suite Windows log within the Windows Event log
shows an occasional "A program unexpectedly failed" error that appears
related to MMC.EXE, but it doesn't coincide with our problems.

The only errors in the POA logs are: Error with GWEvent notification
These errors began about 5 days ago, whereas the problem with GMS began
2 days ago. I do not know the source of these errors.

The problem affects everyone on the server.

The symptoms are that no new mail is delivered to the devices. If you
log into the Webpim, you see old messages. Current messages are not
there. If you RESET ACCOUNT, the Webpim is updated, the device gets
the updated information, and then nothing. The Webpim doesn't stay in

Oddly, I am able to REPLY to a message on the device, and it gets
promptly delivered, even though new messages do not get delivered TO
the device. As a result, I tend to think the problem has something to
do with the GWEvent notification error -- I assume this is something
the POA sends to GMS to notify GMS that a new message has come in.
Messages from the GMS to POA (messages sent from the device) appear to
be fine.

I see other references to similar problems, and I've tried everything I
can think of to get this resolved, but there is so little documentation
on Novell's website.

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.